Photos Mongolian Open 2013

“Mongolian open” – первый Чемпионат Монголии по практической стрельбе из пистолета. Июнь 2013 г в 30-40 км от Улан-Батора.

Mongolian open 2013

The match started with Mongolian traditional folk long-song & musical instrument “Morin khuur”

Mongolia is beautiful & very peaceful country.

Main dish was Mongolian national meal “khuushuur”, means fried big dumpling.

Shooters from Hong Kong.

Lunch time.

Waiting for order.

Double alpha…

The first female IPSC shooters of Mongolia.

It was very sunny.

Fly day-Fun day-Sun day for shooters from Hong Kong.

Singaporean famous IPSC shooter Matthew Lee was riding a horse

Wow, awesome winner certificate.

Medallion from IPSC president for the Level III match.



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